Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing is most often used to detect cracks and voids open to the surface of non porous metallic materials.It is economical,versatile and requires minimal training when compared to other NDT methods.

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Category: Developers

ZP-4B is a free flowing, white fluffy powder used as a high sensitivity dry powder developer for Zyglo Penetrants.



Spotcheck® SKL-SP2 is a solvent removable penetrant offering maximum reliability in the detection of surface-open flaws and discontinuities.

Category: Labino

Labino TrAc Light is based on MPXL technology and is battery operated. Each unit is equipped with a 35 W lamp that creates a very robust UV intensity.

Category: Emulsifiers

Zyglo® ZE-4B is a lipophilic emulsifier. It can be used in open tanks due to its low volatility andhigh flash point. ZE-4B is non-corrosive.






Category: Bycotest

BYCOTEST fluorescent penetrants have high brightness and fluorescence in UV-light which
 provide a high sensitivity.


SK-816 Spotcheck Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Kit. Everything you need to perform an inspection.

Category: Magnaflux

The Magnaflux ZB-100F Portable Black Light System produces long wave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers.

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