Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)method that is used to detect surface or near to surface discontinuities(such as cracks) in iron or steel.This NDT method is also often reffered to as"Magnafluxing".

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Category: Magnaflux

Magnaglo14HF is an oil based,  ready to use fluorescent ink for wet method magnetic particle testing.

Category: Magnaflux

WCP-2 is designed for use in applications where the contrast in color between the part being tested and the magnetic particles being used is insufficient for reliable identification of flaws.

Category: Magnaflux

The Magnavis7 Y- 7 AC/DC Magnetic Particle Yoke is designed for one-person portable magnetic particle inspections of ferrous parts. Ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing. Articulating, double-jointed legs of yokes contour to any part shape to assure good contact.

Category: Magnaflux

The Magnaflux ZB-150F-SB Portable Self-Ballasted Black Light offers the same outstanding performance as the popular ZB-100F Fan-Cooled Black Light but is self-ballasted. Meaning no transformer to pull along as you perform inspections.

Category: Electro Spect

The ES-X Ferrous-Probe flexible leg is a compact, lightweight, electro-magnetic particle inspection probe for critical surface crack inspection.

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