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Category: Magnaflux

The Magnavis7 Y- 7 AC/DC Magnetic Particle Yoke is designed for one-person portable magnetic particle inspections of ferrous parts. Ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing. Articulating, double-jointed legs of yokes contour to any part shape to assure good contact.

Category: Electro Spect

The ES-X Ferrous-Probe flexible leg is a compact, lightweight, electro-magnetic particle inspection probe for critical surface crack inspection.

Category: Magnaflux

The Magnavis® Y-1 AC Magnetic Particle Inspection Yoke is the new generation of light weight, ergonomically designed yokes that improve job performance and productivity by reducing operator arm and wrist fatigue when testing in tight, confined and overhead areas.

Category: KDE

MP-A2D has excellent mobility using a DC 12V battery and is easy to work at a place without power supply .

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